Voice Acting


Deep, Rich Voice Spanning a Broad Variety of Performance

Voice acting is a passion for me - many tributaries flow into my love of it, including role playing games, video games, movies, animation, and goofing around with my niece and nephews. What shows through in all my recordings is a love of bringing copy to life, whether it's characters, commercials, or narrative podcasting.

While I haven't invested in a Whisperroom quite yet (although I'm accepting donations, if you're feeling charitable...), I do have a modest in-home soundbooth that I use to make my recordings. I use a Rode NT1 Condenser mic for recording commercials and characters, and a Blue Yeti for podcasting and vlogging. If you're looking for someone to voice your next project and think I might be right for it, give me a shot - I can deliver quality product at a great rate while maintaining the utmost professionalism! Click the email link to the left to get in touch with me.