Reflections on Day One

I've done it, finally. It took nearly a decade after graduating from college, but I've finally made the first step towards making a real shot at building a dream life for myself. 

I moved to LA. 

This wasn't an easy move for me. I tend to make these things hard on myself - I worked at my job in the Bay Area until the night before I left; sceduled a dinner with friends; drove to San Diego to be with family for a long weekend before finally moving in to my place in Alhambra last night. Today has been my first full day as an Angelino. I'd love to tell you that I hit the pavement, ran to agencies all over, and booked an audition or two. 

I didn't do that stuff.  

I chilled. I chilled hard. And (after some introspection and discussion with my girlfriend) I don't feel guilty about it. It's been a hectic few days and I haven't had a chance to slow down - even vacation in San Diego was exhausting. Frolicking in the surf, being a jungle gym for my nephews, and consuming heroic quantities of wine can wear a man out. Add to that the emotional tax of leaving my family and my girlfriend for an uncertain future, and I can be forgiven for spending the day watching TV, unpacking, and tearing it up on Overwatch.  

The days won't be like this for much longer. I'm running errands tomorrow and working on emails, getting in touch with friends to get out and see LA a bit. I have places I want to go - Samuel French to read plays and prepare a couple of monologues, find a good spot to watch the sunset, get set up with improv classes. It's daunting thinking about everything, but after today I feel better rested and ready to take on this new venture. 

Since I don't have a computer right now, I'm writing this on my phone and lack the patience to type on this itty bitty screen anymore. But suffice to say that there are more updates coming with increasing frequency - this is my job now, after all. 

much love,