Fridays = Chaos...

...and I love it.

I work as a Client Services Manager for an insurance brokerage as my day job, and it's very hectic - it means meeting with clients, last minute issues, and spreading my focus across a lot of different buckets. But I wouldn't have it any other way - I prefer to be busy and to be handling a lot of different things at once. Today, I'm working on logistics for a trip to Tahoe this weekend, managing my client work, leading meetings that I got tossed into last-minute, and an audition this afternoon (plus scheduling a few more next week)!

All this adds up to a crazy day, but it's all things I'm passionate about. Coming through for my clients and taking initiative fills me with confidence, because it puts me out of my comfort zone. Planning a trip with my lovely girlfriend (hi Emy, I know you're reading this) and some of my best friends to snowboard this weekend fills me with excitement, and carries me through the inevitable rough patches that the day presents. And auditions... well, when you get the chance to get paid for something that you're passionate about, therein lies the rub, no?

What I'm getting at is that I'm full of beans today, and I'm stretching my energy out in all sorts of different directions and I couldn't be happier. Hope everyone's day is much the same - smile. It's Friday :)