Another monthly blog post!

Well, well… another month, another update for you all.

This one has been quite a whirlwind. I’ve finally gotten down to business on looking for an agent, and I’ve submitted to almost 20 already – and I had my first meeting with one today! A couple of my friends are with the agency that I met with, and I was coming off of a good audition (more on that later) and felt pretty confident. Despite not having prepared a monologue for the longest time, I think it came off decently well. I stumbled over a couple of lines, but I think that overall it came off ok. It’s a good lesson in taking more time to prepare before a meeting like this – with memorizing lines, I tend to think that giving myself a few days is sufficient… But then when I start adding character work on top of that and trying to memorize lines, it becomes clear that these meetings aren’t like a class, where I can get feedback on my performance and bring it back, new and improved. Even though I did ok this time, it’s a bad habit to form and I should prepare for things like this (casting director workshops, agent meetings, etc.) and take my time to properly prepare for the character and memorize the lines.

Ok, enough beating myself up over that one. Let’s talk about the audition that did go great – I auditioned for the role of the Crooked Man at Warner Brother’s Horror Made Here Halloween event! For those who haven’t watched The Conjuring 2, the Crooked Man is one of the forms that one of the antagonists takes. Since my friends aren’t having their haunted house in Campbell this year (which saddens me, saddens me so deeply), this is my shot at being able to scare people all throughout the Halloween season! They pulled us into the audition room four at a time, and we all watched each other pop out from behind a screen and stalk around, pretending to be a frightening phantasm or ghoulish… ghoul. Not to brag, but I do feel like I did pretty well – I didn’t hamfist the Crooked Man character, but hinted at it with my movements and guttural growls. Even if I don’t get this role, I left it all out there and feel pretty good about it.

One thing that helped prepare me for my Horror Made Here audition is my classes at Upright Citizens Brigade – for those who don’t know, this is the improv school founded by the likes of Amy Poehler, Matt Walsh, and Matt Besser, and who has churned out comedic stars like Chris Gethard, Rob Riggle, Aubrey Plaza, and Kate McKinnon. Ok, ok, I’m not nearly on their level yet – I’ve only finished the Improv 101 intensive. But I’m signing up for the 201 Intensive as soon as I can, and it’s safe to say that I’m hooked – I saw 4 shows while I was a student there and performed in my graduation show.

I was initially hesitant when selecting an improv school – I had grand designs on going to see shows at all the major improv schools and even a couple smaller ones, but it was hard to carve out time to go see all these shows and evaluate which ones would fit best with what improv techniques I’d like to hone. After speaking with my wonderful manager Christy, I decided to go with UCB because it’s a “name brand” that gets a lot of recognition, despite hearing that UCB was a place that a lot of people come to just to pad their resume, and that they aren’t really interested in the craft. I can’t speak for the entire curriculum, but I do know that my 101 class was nothing of the sort. I met a variety of fantastic, funny, amazing people who I hope to keep in touch with as we move through our careers. And I look forward to returning to 201 so I can continue to hone my skills.

So, that about does it. That’s my last couple of weeks here in LA. There’s been a lot of emailing, submitting, rehearsing, recording, hanging, laughing, and a little bit of emotions. When I quit my normal 9-to-5 job in the Bay Area, I thought I’d have a ton of time to keep in touch with family, look for a new place to live down here, and generally relax; but it hasn’t much been like that at all. I’ve been on the go, trying to get out and network, trying to forge fulfilling relationships and maintain the ones I already cherish, trying to make money… Bottom line, it hasn’t been all relaxing and video games like I dreamt it would be 😉 Kidding. The fact of the matter is, all my energy is being spent toward what I really want to do. I’ve fallen on my face, stumbled, and had to get back up; but it’s worth it. All worth it. I’m making a life on my own terms, and every ounce of effort that goes toward that is a matter of pride for my own ambitions.

Anywho. Thanks everyone for your support, and I’ll keep you updated as the weeks go by!



P.S. I just got a mechanical keyboard, and I have a feeling typing is going to become a new hobby for me now. Seriously. I really can’t stop. The quick brown fox jumped over the…